With a whole-human and research-based lifestyle approach I help women (like you) get back in the driver seat of their mind, body, and life. With a million mixed messages, cookie cutter programs, and “quick fixes,” it can feel impossible to know what the right next step is for you.

You find yourself asking, “Will this just be another thing I try that doesn’t work?” or “Is this just another program I’ll buy but never do?”

I get it, I’ve been there. I know first hand how hard it is to find something that gives mental and physical health an equal seat at the table, a program that fits into your busy life, and a tribe of women that feel like your personal cheering squad and warmest hug when you need it.

That’s what I’ve created here.

Whether you’re in the depths of depression or looking to create a more healthy, confident, and intentional life: I’m here to empower you with programs and coaching to help you reconnect to your body, rewire your mind, and reclaim your life!



To empower thousands of women with the resources and community they need to reclaim their life, practice self-love and take responsibility for their health.


I believe you can only give others the strength, love and care that you’ve given to yourself first. You must show up for you before you can fully show up for others. I believe you can learn to accept, and even love, who you are today while in pursuit of the next best version of yourself. I know that fitness and mental health are unique and personal journeys, I respect that for each of my clients. I develop programs that give you the tools, space, and support you need to finally heal and thrive.

Thanks for being here, Amanda.

Master’s Degree in Kinesiology, Sport & Exercise Psychology


Certified Personal Trainer, Coach & 200hr Certified Yoga Teacher

5 Year Personal Trainer at Google Headquarters

Prenatal & Postpartum Specialist

Mental Health Researcher

NCAA Track & Field Collegiate Athlete

On a personal note:

My journey into wellness stemmed from a past career as a collegiate track & field athlete, 5 years as a fitness specialist and trainer at Google Headquarters, an unplanned c-section, my need to constantly over-achieve, and the toll it took on my mental health. I remember my first anxiety attack, shortly followed by months of depression. I found myself at an all time low, showing up and putting on a smile for everyone but myself. Therapy wasn’t getting me where I wanted and medication wasn’t my long-term solution, but what else was there? I didn’t know what to do or where to turn next. So, after months of frustration I put my grad school skills to work and hit the research.

Since then I’ve explored just how powerful a personalized lifestyle approach can be. When we create a safe space to pay attention, when we take into consideration our nervous system, thoughts, habits, and environment there’s a lot that starts to click. We realize we aren’t stuck and there is hope.

I created the programs that I desperately needed. That’s it. That’s what this is.

I began sharing my story and one at a time, the most incredible and inspiring women dropped into my DMs saying they needed this too. They wanted to know how to get to the other side of their struggle and what it would take to stay there. I became obsessed with seeing the difference that coaching could make for each of these women. A personalized, mind-body approach, with a healthy splash of community and accountability… and BAM. Women were finally feeling in control of their lives again.

Like I said, “I see you, I’m here for you, because I’ve been you.”

I’ve created this space, this community of women, and these programs for me, but also for you. Your life and health are in your hands but you don’t have to figure it out alone. I’ll give you everything you need to start living your best life and to remind you to love yourself along the way.