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Rise As We is a neuroscience based, integrative, and trauma informed coaching practice that here to help you heal anxiety & depression through a lens of neuroscience and lifestyle design, giving you tangible tools and a personalized approach. Mental health looks different for everyone and so will the solution. We merge ancient wisdom and modern science to guide our clients to reclaiming their lives. Our coaching provides safe and supported exploration into WHY you’re struggling, high level and personalized education to teach you HOW your brain and nervous system work, and tangible tools to know exactly WHAT you can do to start healing.


Through our coaching you’ll begin to see that every symptom or coping behavior makes sense and is justified through neuroscience. You are not broken, you’re simply human. We will help you shift from feeling at war with yourself to realizing your mind and body are and always have been working with you and for you. We promise to work collaboratively with you towards healing and hold safe space for that process.


Rise As We's team of trauma-informed and neuroscience focused coaches


Rise As We's team of trauma-informed and neuroscience focused coaches



I'm a neuroscience & trauma-informed coach and the founder of Rise As We, a mental health coaching space. I know first-hand that healing has no one size fits all. Like most healers I have my own history of mental health struggles and trauma. What really turned the page in my healing journey was learning to understand my nervous system and the tangible ways I could work with my physiology to powerfully influence and heal my psychology. This education and awareness shifted my lens from constantly feeling at war with myself to realizing that my brain is and always was fighting FOR me, I just didn't know how to listen. What you'll find here are the programs I wish I would have had in my healing journey.


I also have a MA in Kinesiology | Exercise Psychology — my research looked at the bidirectional relationship between depression, movement, and social support. This was my introduction to the world of behavior change and lifestyle healing. After graduation I worked as a Health & Fitness Specialist at Google HQ for 5 years where I had the opportunity to run some really awesome mental/physical health pilot studies. I left in 2018 to run Rise As We full time and have never looked back.


Our coaching takes a whole-human and research-based approach to getting back in the driver seat of your mind and life. You'll learn that every unhelpful habit or coping mechanism you have truly served you at one point. All the pieces that feel broken, make perfect sense when you have the whole picture. You can heal, I know it with every fiber of my being. Your healing won't remove what's happened but you can rewrite the story and come out on the other side thriving. This work is profoundly special to me, it's an honor to be invited into your healing journey.


We promise to honor your whole journey -- who you are, where you are, and what you've been through while holding space and keeping you headed towards where you want to be. We promise to be present with you and to create a safe space for you to lean in to this journey. We will safely hold you, firmly stand for you, and help you put the pieces together in a hopeful way to guide you into a new story, one where you compassionately work with your mind and body instead of feeling so against it.


You are safe. You are seen. You are supported. You are loved.



I’m a trauma-informed women’s mental health and wellness coach and registered nurse. Without a doubt, I believe that healing, managing, and upleveling women’s minds is the most important work in the world. It is LIFE changing and WORLD changing work. I’m here to guide you into the life of your dreams. It’s totally possible and it’s already within you.


My passion for mental health started young. I, like many of you, have weathered trauma, years of emotional ups and downs, powerlessness, lack of confidence and self-worth, guilt, anxieties, fear and loneliness. I’ve felt stuck, I’ve played small, I’ve been at the brink of giving up. I did 15 years of on and off therapy and psychiatry, tried multiple medications, and many other modalities. I benefited from those tools (some more than others) but ultimately hit a wall with my progress. I knew what was causing some of my hurt but I couldn’t figure out how to change it - how to do things differently. I finally found these tools in coaching. Tools that increased my understanding about my brain, my past, and the effect my present actions have on how my mind functions. I began to see a path forward that felt doable - and sustainable. Fear and guilt were replaced with confidence and self-compassion. Mental health is a journey and a work in progress but I’m more empowered than ever. I not only see the way forward, but I’m taking action to create the life I deserve. Now, I live in my joy, devoting my heart to women like you.


As a Health and Wellness Coach I’ve spent hundreds of hours coaching women to improve their anxiety, depression, and to free themselves to live their fullest lives. I love the quote by Anne Lamott, “My mind is a neighborhood I try not to go into alone.” You can do this. You can heal. It’s freaking scary, but I see you. Breathe. You don’t have to do this alone.

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