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This year I'm choosing regulation over resolutions. I'm choosing tiny habits over lofty goals. Join me for a conversation that unpacks why only 9% of people who set resolutions actually get there (and why I'm not interested in being part of that 9% this year). I'll also share with you 12 habits for a more regulated year.

Happy new years friends and just a reminder that the new year doesn't need a new you, it needs the you that you're already becoming. The you taking brave steps towards healing. The you who's been through the unimaginable to be right where you are. Let this be your year of hope and healing.

3 Takeaways:

  1. Regulation over resolution

  2. Behavior change is hard, start so small, laughably small

  3. Taking a month to focus on each of these habits will set you up for so much more regulation and healing: (1) bathroom check in, (2) sleep, (3) morning sunlight, (4) breakfast, (5) daily walk, (6) breathwork, (7) play & community, (8) exercise, (9) cold exposure, (10) declutter environment, (11) tech boundaries, (12) vagal toning

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12 Habits for a More Regulated 2024

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