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When your nervous system has grown accustomed to chaos, things like stillness , rest, and slowing down feel unsafe. Because of this we often choose "healing" modalities that feed into the familiarity of chaos and intensity.

So are the cold plunges and HIIT workouts hurting your healing? I don't know. But join me for a conversation to talk through how they might be, to talk about how they held me back in my early healing journey and what I'd do differently if I knew then what I know now.

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3 take aways from today's conversation:

  1. Your nervous system will always default to familiar chaos over unfamiliar safety, the path towards healing means assessing whether the things your engaging in reinforce a familiar avoidance of stillness or invite in the discomfort of experiencing it.

  2. There are non negotiable needs you have as a human, things like sleep, movement, quality breath, community and so on. Stepping into habits that nurture that nature while simultaneously choosing experiences that build familiarity around safety is the path to more regulated living.

  3. Is a reminder to filter all suggestions, even research supported ones, from myself and others through a personalized lens to find your unique path towards healing.

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Are Cold Plunges & HIIT Training Hurting Your Healing?

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