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Welcome to Part 2 of my 3-episode anxiety series. Today's conversations is all about awareness, stepping into a place of curiosity and exploration around your anxiety.The more familiar you become with why and how you uniquely experience anxiety, the clearer the path becomes to regulation and healing. In this conversation I'll help you reflect on what past lived experience and current life circumstances might be contributing to your anxiety symptoms. We'll also discuss how to "map" your nervous system. Hit play to learn more!

3 Takeaways from this episode:

  1. All your symptoms, all of you make sense. Your anxiety makes sense, based on your lived experience + current life circumstances - (offset by) the coping skills you do or don’t have. You are not broken, in fact a nervous system that has been able to live on high alert for this long is a pretty resilient nervous system. A nervous system that has had the capacity to work that hard to feel safe for so long is absolutely a nervous system that has the capacity to heal and regulate.

  2. Your current life circumstances set the stage for continued and compounding dysregulation or create an environment that makes space for regulation. A lot of what’s happening in and around your life might be out of your control, but a lot of it is absolutely without your control and doing something with the things that are in your control will be key to regulating your nervous system and healing anxiety.

  3. Your activation, anxiety, has a unique blueprint and way it shows up. Getting familiar with that is the first step towards regulation. The most tangible takeaway from today is an invitation to map out your nervous system.

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