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This is part 3 of a 3 episode mini series about anxiety.

It's not enough to understand WHY you're struggling with anxiety, you also need to have tangible tools to regulate your nervous system and heal. In this episode we will build on the education and exploration from part 1 & 2 of this mini series. You'll learn that the secret sauce to regulating your nervous system is to first meet it where it's at and then layer on various regulation tools to walk it towards feeling more calm and grounded. I also introduce you toa number of specific regulation tools for you to start using today! Hit play to learn more!

3 Takeaways from this episode:

  1. Meet your nervous system where it is first and then slowly layer tools or shift intensity as you become more regulated.

  2. Signs a tools is supportive for you:

    • Do you feel less activated?

    • Do you feel a little bit more calm, settled, grounded or capable?

    • Does our breath become more steady

    • Heart rate slows

    • More aware of your surroundings

    • Yawn, sigh, swallow

    • Muscles relax in body or face, jaw unclenches or shoulders drop

  3. Learning what works takes some good old fashion trial and error. Each nervous system respond uniquely to different tools. Also note that the more familiar you become with these practices the easier it will be to use them in moments of higher stress or anxiety - once you find one that seems to work well for you build it in throughout your day during smaller moments of stress to prep you for the more dysregulated moments

🎉 BONUS TAKEAWAY: Here's a quick list of the tools referenced in today's episode:

  1. Legs up the wall

  2. Extended Exhale Breathing

  3. Physiological Sigh

  4. Gaze Opening

  5. Visual Orienting // Color Spotting

  6. Grabbing and ice cube

  7. Sour Candy

  8. Somatic Shaking, swaying, stretching, walking

  9. Heel Drops

  10. Bouncing shoulder shrugs

  11. Legs up the wall

  12. Ear/neck massage

  13. Eye cupping / ear plugs – decrease sensory input

📘 Resources:

  • Want support on your healing journey?

    • Join me inside RISE, our monthly mental health membership and group coaching space

    • Apply for RESTORE, our 16-week, 1:1 Anxiety & Depression Coaching Program

  • Connect with me: Website | Instagram | TikTok

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