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With this episode I want to give you permission to DO less and BE more this week. I also talk about why that’s hard, why it’s something I was virtually incapable of doing for over a decade and still have to make a conscious effort for sometimes. Join me as I share about the time I walked away from playing duck duck goose with orphans to do dishes because productivity felt so much safer than play and how this pattern showed up for me even today when faced with the option of quality time with friends or outlining this podcast. Healing can feel messy, with each episode you listen to, thanks for inviting me into yours.

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3 take aways:

  1. If you’ve been living in survival mode it makes sense that your nervous system feels safer DOING than BEING.

  2. An invitation to simply notice how often you're in DOING vs BEING and how easily you can switch between the two (awareness)

  3. A challenge to be with the BEING a little longer than feels good (practice)

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