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One thing I hear a lot from people who come to work with us are, “I’m tired of just talking about how I feel, I want to actually DO something about it.” Talking is a really important and special part of healing and it’s not enough if your underlying physiology is depleted, hypersensitive, or packed with unprocessed trauma.

Getting into the DOING alongside the talking, processing, and space holding is something my coaching methodology specializes in. It’s not always a sexy to say, but behavior change is an essential part of what we do and the way we work with clients & sometimes the places we start seem almost too plain or too simple to matter but the science is clear:

There is a strong link between anxiety & depression and things like sleep, food, breathing and boundaries.

In this episode we'll dive into the nitty-gritty of small daily habits that when repeated overtime make all the difference in your healing. You'll also learn why relying on therapy alone might not be enough to address your mental health concerns. And, of course, we'll leave you with some practical tips on how to optimize your body for better mental health.

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3 Takeaways from this episode:

  1. If trying to heal in your head is falling short or feeling frustrating, try healing in and through your body for a while. Maybe you don’t have to keep digging so hard into your past, but instead can focus on the way you’re supporting yourself in the present.

  2. The 4 Basic B’s are bed, breakfast, breath, and boundaries. Choose 1. What small shift can you make to optimizing that? Can you make that new behavior any smaller? If you think that this is too simple, like I’ve said in an episode in the past, try me. Give it an honest go, get support in making these changes and making them stick and if after a few months of getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night, or if after a few weeks of eating a truly balanced and nourishing breakfast you feel worse - you can go back to doing as you were.

  3. Your physiology guides your psychology. The research is clear that a modern 21st century health model should be ones where brain health and body health are inseparable. This is exactly what we do at Rise As We and I’d love for you to join us.

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4 Basic B's of Mental Health

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