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ADHD is one of the most common overlapping diagnosis for people who struggle with anxiety or depression. Today I take you on a little trip down my personal exploration of whether my symptoms that were diagnosed as ADHD were actually ADHD or rather a natural result of the unsustainable life I was living at the time. I also invite you to muse about some of the same things if it applies to you. Hit play to hear the conclusion I came to for myself and to hear more details about my story.

3 Takeaways from this episode:

  1. I have come to the personal conclusion that most of what was diagnosed as ADHD for me were actually natural symptoms and consequences of unhealed trauma and a debilitating busy and stressful life. AND that I was prescribed medication that was really helpful in that season of my life, I'm grateful I had access to it, BUTTTT the fact remains that for more than simply symptom management I had to make some life changes and do some deep healing work.

  2. An invitation for you to compassionately explore whether your symptoms are a result of an unsustainable lifestyle and unhealed trauma or if you think it’s because of your hardwiring. And does the answers to that exploration change how you want to approach your symptom management or healing?

  3. A simple 10 minute questionnaire does nothing more than create a snapshot of current symptoms and when that’s all that is used for diagnosis it falls short of providing you anything other than a tools for symptom management. For true, root cause healing, you need to step back and take a whole human, whole life approach to healing.

📘 Resources:

  • CLICK HERE for the article I mentioned in the episode

    • Ps. if any of you listening are ADHD specialist and have a better resources for my listeners on how they can find a specialist, specific test to have done, or how they can personally tease out the nuance in their own sympoms I'll happily link it here as well

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