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Our First Ever Ask Amanda Episode!⁠

🗝️ In this special episode, I'm diving into questions submitted by our amazing listeners. I'll be sharing insights and offering thoughts on a variety of topics that you've been curious about. This format is something I'd love to do more of in the future, so keep those questions coming! Drop your questions or struggles in the form link below for future Ask Amanda episodes.⁠

🔍 In this episode, I covered three key questions (see 3 takaways). Hit Play to hear more!

CLICK HERE to submit a question for me to answer on our next "Ask Amanda" episode. 

3 Takeaways from this episode:

  1. Self-care practices for stay-at-home moms with young kids. Discover how to integrate micro-moments of regulation, check-in with your nervous system, and consider deeper healing work to simplify life for both you and your child.⁠

  2. Understanding the difference between EMDR and our one-on-one coaching regarding trauma healing work. EMDR focuses on specific techniques to overcome emotional distress from traumatic experiences, while our coaching emphasizes increasing nervous system regulation and somatic practices to support deep trauma healing.⁠

  3. Support for an individual struggling with bad depression and anorexia. I emphasize the importance of addressing nutritional needs and finding practitioners who understand depression through a nervous system lens.⁠

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