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Do you ever feel overstimulated by sounds? Maybe especially when you're stressed? This has been a part of my anxiety journey and something that's come up a lot amongst my conversations with other lately. In this episode we'll talk about what Auditory Overstimulation is, why it happens, and some things you might be able to do today to support yourself (or a loved one).

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3 take aways from today's conversation:

  1. We hear sounds differently when we’re in a sympathetic state, this can make those sounds feel overwhelming, distracting, and increase the stress load on our system.

  2. Awareness of how you experience this is the first step. I invite you to pay attention to when and how you notice this showing up most for you and if there are any particular sounds or types of sounds that are the most aggravating.

  3. Take time to brainstorm strategies to minimize sound, manage emotions, and decrease stress as part of a larger, long term plan to decrease the intensity in which you experience auditory overstimulation.

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Auditory Overstimulation - What it is, Why is Happens & What You Can Do

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