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The line that summarizes my birth story the most is, “I’m in awe of all the things that go right amongst all the things that go wrong.”  Just about everything went wrong. From the outside looking in this was textbook birth trauma and yet I feel like I've walked away untraumatized. I believe this is because of three very specific things that I discuss with you in this episode. My hope is that by sharing this story and the things that created resilience I might help you walk through the things that go wrong in your life with a little bit more ease. Hit play to learn more!

3 Takeaways from this episode:

  1. Regulated baseline - What can you do now to grow your Window of Tolerance and give yourself a more regulated nervous system baseline? What tangible regulation tools can you turn to to support you when big things happen?

  2. Safety - Look at situations or events in your life and ask yourself – How can I create a greater sense of safety? Is that a particular place, person, thing? What somatic practices to cultivate a felt sense of safety in my body? Etc…

  3. Support Systems - Support matters. Community is essential to our healing and to helping us buffer against any future overwhelming or traumatizing experiences. Asking for help can be hard and uncomfortable, and sometimes the biggest barries it that it appears that help isn’t available. For this takeaway I just want to invite you to reflect on whether or not you feel supported? If you don’t, do not let that get brushed under a rug – be intentional about creating a support system. This could be in your immediate community, through friends, family, a community group, or church organization. It could be online, the community aspect of my RISE membership is a huge part of many members healing. Just know feeling supported matters. If you don’t feel supported, what can you do to cultivate and seek that out?

This week marks the 1-year anniversary of my RISE Membership, a monthly mental health membership and nervous system healing spce for those struggling with anxiety or depression. In celebration of this milestone I've introduced a self-selected sliding scale to make this level of support and community availble to even more people who need it. Everyone deserves a safe space to heal. If you're looking for support this community is ready to welcome up with open arms and I'd love to proved more personalized suppport to you in that space. CLICK HERE to join us at a price point that works for you.

📘 Resources:

  • Want support on your healing journey?

    • Join me inside RISE, our monthly mental health membership and group coaching space

    • Apply for RESTORE, our 16-week, 1:1 Anxiety & Depression Coaching Program

  • Connect with me: Website | Instagram | TikTok

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