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Click Here to download Regulation Game Plan Worksheets

The same way a professional athlete creates a game plan for specific scenarios they may find themself in during their next match – you too can create a game plan to guide your towards regulation when you find yourself dysregulated in states of activation or shut down, anxiety or depression. In today’s episode I walk you through creating a “Regulation Game Plan” which creates a map for how you can best move from states of dysregulation to regulation giving you quick access to the reactive tools that work the best for you in the moments you need them most. It brings together your awareness of how you experience states of dysregulation with the specific tools that are the most helpful for you when you find yourself in those moments. It is just one of the many ways that we support our clients in creating personalized and strategic tools for regulating and healing.

Below you’ll find a link to the worksheets I referenced in this episode. As always I’d love to support you in this work inside RISE, my mental health membership and nervous system healing space. Hit play to learn more!

3 Takeaways from this episode:

  1. A regulation game plan creates a tangible map from a place of dysregulation to regulation. Tangible action step is to download the worksheet I provided for you in the show notes for this.

  2. Tool layering is essential. There’s no one tool that takes you from a 3 to a 1, but by meeting yourself where you are somatically, physiologically, you can engage in a layering of practices that move you towards regulation and the more often you engage in those tools and that layering protocol the better you get at it. Just like an athlete who practices certain trick plays over and over and over again so when they find themselves in the situation they talked about they move into that play almost seamlessly.

  3. If you’re having trouble putting this together on your own - seek out support. Send me a DM or email, print it out and take it to your next therapy appointment, and of course I’d love to personally support you inside my Rise membership or RESTORE, our 1:1 anxiety & depression coaching program.

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