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Last week I had an instagram post that immediately lost me followers, while also being my most liked and shared post in over a year. Let's talk about it.

Let's talk about how this same post could feel so validating and empowering for some people, while angering others.

In this conversation I share various individuals perspectives and experiences around being prescribed psych meds and the ways I think the mainstream medical model often falls short in providing personalized mental health support.

I also offer a thanks to the mental health providers who offered me a gut check for the way my intention behind the post didn't entirely match the impact, and I take absolute responsibility for that.

Trigger warning, this conversation includes mention of the terms: drug dealer, suicide, and anorexia

Looking for more personalized support?

3 take aways:

  1. This post was not anti medication, it was anti physician that puts people and symptoms in a box and presents medication as the only solution. Meds can be needed, even life saving,  AND as a community we are overmedicated and undereducated around personalized healing. Medication is presented as THE SOLUTION TO versus AN OPTION FOR anxiety & depression far too often and it’s hurting people. 

  2. There is no shame in medication being part of your healing. I cannot emphasize this enough. It played a role in mine, AND your symptoms are there for a reason. True and lasting healing doesn’t just take the edge off symptoms but in getting to the root.

  3. You have options, if you weren’t provided context or choice when seeking support for healing I hope the conversations I have here help provide some of that for you.

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Doctor or Drug Dealer (& How I Was Wrong)

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