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In this 2-episode mini series on health anxiety we'll discuss what it is and how to overcome it using an evidence based 4-pronged approach. Join me today to learn more about the anxiety response in your brain and body, how this applies to health anxiety, and an exercise to explore your unique experience of health anxiety symptoms, thoughts, and behaviors. Gaining understanding of the basic physiology of anxiety and how you uniquely experience it in a health related ways lays a foundation for working with your mind-body system instead of constantly feeling against it.

Health related anxiety has been steadily on the rise since 2020. It's a topic that’s been requested by many of you for me to cover on this podcast and a recent survey indicated that 1 out of 3 individuals experience heightened anxiety over their health status. Hit play to learn more!

3 Takeaways from this episode:

  1. Health anxiety is a persistent or frequently interfering thought that something is or could be going seriously wrong with your or a loved ones health. This persistent worry causes you to take excessive measures and/or gets in the way of living your life in a way you want to. 

  1. Understanding more about your body's normal range of functions and physiology can help with misinterpretation. Becoming familiar with your most frequently experienced triggers, thoughts, and behaviors can give you leverage on reclaiming control if you’ve entered into an anxiety cycle spiral.

  1. EXERCISE: If you choose, take some time to reflect on or explore your unique health anxiety cycle. What are your most commonly experienced  SENSATIONS / TRIGGERS (internal or external), THOUGHTS (fear or beliefs these sensations bring on), and BEHAVIORS (action or avoidance).

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