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Do you struggle staying regulated this time of year? Maybe you have more anxiety around holiday events? Feel high expectations from others and have a hard time setting boundaries?

Juggling real life and the “magic” of the season can feel exhausting. The financial pressures and pressure to make new goals as the new year approaches is a lot.

I address all of this and more in today’s episode. This is part 2 of a mini series more candidly answering 10 listener submissions to the question: What do you struggle with most in the winter or around the holidays?

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Here’s the full list of the 10 holiday support questions:

  1. Loneliness around a small family, not having many friends, and not having kids at my age

  2. Grief for memories I will never make with my dad again

  3. Sadness/grieving over not having traditional family, single mama of kid who needs tons of coregulation

  4. The sadness of not being with your children for the holiday due to split custody agreement

  5. Even more tactical ways to incorporate nervous system regulation into busy lives this time of year

  6. Being activated (or shut down) at a holiday gathering, & anticipatory anxiety of events

  7. Expectations I have for me and expectations others have for me – “no” feel like failure

  8. Juggling real life with the “magic” of the season = exhausting

  9. Finances

  10. Pressure to make new goals

The first 5 questions were answered last week, and the final 5 today. Thanks for being here friend. I’m sending you so much hope & healing.






Holiday Mental Health Support (Part 2)

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