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I woke up anxious today and this conversation is about what I did to not let it ruin my day. 4am kid wake up, a bad dream, excitement, crappy sleep, all had my system wired from the minute I opened my eyes. I'd love to tell you I used this magic tool to regulate my nervous system and get on with my day, but instead what I want to share is the roller coaster of regulated, and re-regulated, and re-regulating that my day called for.

Had this day have happened a handful of years ago I'd be pulling the covers over my heard thinking "what a train wreck" but you know what, today was a pretty good day and I want to tell you how I did that.Hit play to hear more!

Three takeaways:

  1. Having a regulated nervous doesn’t mean you’re regulated all the time, part of regulation means that you have the ability to notice and ride those waves throughout the day.

  2. If you’ve been stuck in survival mode for a really long time, or spent a lot of your life there, your system may still default to urgency. Rewiring comes with more frequency and duration of periods in that green zone. Moments of activation or shut down aren’t point of failure, but instead points of practice.

  3. When you're dysregulated you  sees problems, when regulated you see solution and collaboration.

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How I Turned a Potentially Really Bad Day Around With Regulation

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