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Ever feel shut down and unsure how to pull yourself out of it? Or maybe you tried to, only to have you system back lash and become even more stuck, numb or disconnected? In today's conversation I talk about why this happens and offer 7 gentle ways to meet your system where it is in that shut down state of depression, immobilization, and disconnection. It's in meeting yourself where you are with compassion that your inner system will feel safe enough to move towards regulation (without the backlash).

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3 take aways:

  1. When in a shut down state one of the most powerful things you can do is to give yourself permission to be where you are, and it’s often that permission that opens the gate to more regulation. 

  2. Shift your focus to nurturing your nervous system versus fixing it.

  3. An invitation that the next time you’re shut down, try a gentle self compassion practice and see how your system responds.

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How to Come Out of a Shut Down State

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