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If you got to the end of last week’s episode and thought, ok but where do I start? How to I decrease my load or increase capacity – I’m going to give you a bit more on that today.

One of the things I talked about last week was that most of parental burnout, or any burnout really, is a result of an imbalance in load and capacity. Everyday you are stepping up to a 300lb life when all you’ve been taught how to lift was 50 lbs. If you want life or parenting to feel more manageable you either need to simplify drop 250 lbs or increase your capacity to carry.

But how? How do you drop 250 lbs?

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3 Takeaways from this episode:

  1. It can feel important and go undone if your capacity isn’t there. For me right now sitting on the porch with my kid is more important than a lot of the house projects I’d like to get done. And getting to bed by 9:30pm is more important to me than any shows I want to watch or DM’s I want to get caught up on. Ask yourself, what takes care of me so that I can better take care of my kids? Choose that. 

  2. We need each other. We need a “village” – what does it look like to expand yours either personally or professionally?

  3. If you’re a parent to young kids, the most important thing you can do is model for them the way you want their life to FEEL. If you don’t want you daughters or sons to endlessly self sacrifice and run themselves into the ground, stop modeling that. Start prioritizing the basics you prioritize for them, bedtime and breakfast. Want to create capacity that changes your life - go to be by 10pm, eat a quality high protein breakfast, and stay off your phone from 9pm - 9am. Don’t think it’s that simply? Try me and report back in 2 weeks.

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