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This conversation takes a bit of a personal turn as I share with you the 3 ways I'm preparing myself and my nervous system for the birth of my son. Even if you won't ever find yourself in a similar situation what I share in this conversation will give you a framework for how you can also prepare y for any big or potentially triggering event in your own life. Hit play to learn more!

3 Takeaways from this episode:

  1. You can prepare your nervous system ahead of time for big and/or potentially triggering events in your life. To do so, get regulated and/or supported and explore:

    • What does this event entail?

    • What might come up for me?

    • What will I need to feel supported and capable?

  2. The autonomic nervous system is always searching for these 3 things to determine safety: Context, Choice, Connection. Lack of these cues can activate our stress response. So asking yourself: What gives me more of this for this particular situation?

  3. What you do on a daily basis is what carries you through the bigger moments, it’s what creates a more regulated baseline and gives you access to the tools in heightened states of stress. Explore, what’s one thing you can do daily that you know will be supportive to you in the moments you need it most?

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