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No one chooses to be triggered, it's just something that happens as a result of how our systems are hardwired for protection. This episode is NOT the secret to never being triggered again, you're note a robot, instead it'll provide a powerful reframe around what it means to be triggered and some tangible tools to help you recover and reset your nervous system when you have been. Hit play to learn more!

3 Takeaways from this episode:

  1. REFRAME: To understand a trigger as a moment when your system screams,  "YOU AREN'T SAFE NOW!" but what it really means is, "You weren't safe then."


    • Can you identify any predictable triggers?

    • What might help you build more context, choice, and control around these things when you can plan for them?

    • For when you can’t or don’t know what’s triggered you, what are 2-3 glimmers/regulation practices can help you to reorient from the situation? – I shared a number of suggestions in this section of the podcast.

  3.  GET SUPPORT: If you notice that you’re not able to do this work on your own – identifying predictable triggers, establishing a sense of the 3 C's, or discovering practices that help you to recover – I cannot stress enough how impactful it was for me to seek out support on my healing journey. This is work myself and the other practitioners at Rise As We would love to support you with and there are countless other incredible trauma-informed therapists, coaches, and practitioners out there doing this work as well.

📘 Resources:

  • Want support on your healing journey?

    • Join me inside RISE, our monthly mental health membership and group coaching space

    • Apply for RESTORE, our 16-week, 1:1 Anxiety & Depression Coaching Program

  • Connect with me: Website | Instagram | TikTok

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