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None of us will ever be a perfect friend, parent, partner, or self-healer – so one of the most valuable skills we can learn is how to repair. In the last two episodes I’ve shared pretty openly that my default survival mode is FIGHT, I’m someone who’s nervous system is still pretty primed for quick activation and as a result I’ve often shown up in relationship with other people in way’s I'm less proud of. Join me for a conversation on how to return and repair, first with yourself and then with others. This chat was inspired but Dr. Becky's recent TED talk which you can find HERE.

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3 Takeaways from this episode:

  1. Repair is the act of going back to a moment that didn’t feel good, to a moment of disconnection, taking responsibility for behaviors, and acknowledging the impact it had on another or more specifically to our conversation the impact is had on yourself (from yourself).

  2. None of us will ever be a perfect friend, parent, partner or self-healer – especially when struggling with anxiety or depression, when our nervous system is stuck in states of threat over safety –  one of the most valuable skills we can learn is how to repair. Repair implies there needs to be rupture, so no longer is rupture a personal failure but instead just part of the process.

  3. I mentioned parts work, or IFS, this work can often be very challenging and triggering to do on your own. As always I want to encourage you to seek out support from a trauma-informed practitioner. Working with us at Rise As We is just one of the many ways to get support in this work.

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