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This conversation is a shameless celebration with you all that I wrote a book and a sneak peak as to what's held within its pages. Healing Through the Vagus Nerve is a guide to understanding and healing anxiety, depression, stress, and trauma through nervous system regulation.

It still feels quite surreal to say I wrote a book but I’m so stinking proud of it and I wholeheartedly believe it's pages hold hope and healing for thousands and thousands of people & you can pre-order your copy TODAY!⁠

📚 Pre-order my new book, Healing Through the Vagus Nerve today! (& get a bonus book course for FREE)

3 take aways:

  1.  The vagus nerve plays a crucial role in mental and physical health, if you want to learn more click here to listen to episode 15

  2. Nervous system regulation is about elasticity, it’s about increasing your capacity for the hard, not about avoiding it, and vagal tone plays a big role in this.

  3.  One final shameless ask to preorder the book! Pre-orders are really important first time author. I promise this book will not only be a beautiful addition to your library but a tangible and powerful part of your healing journey!






I Wrote a Book! - Let's Talk About It!

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