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Have you felt like you've been checking a lot of the boxes but still don't feel like you're making much progress in your healing? Today's conversation discusses the difference between in-the-moment nervous system regulation tools vs having a more regulated nervous system overall. The reality is, there’s no amount of healthy living, reactive regulation, or vagal toning exercises that can take the place of setting boundaries in toxic relationships, putting people in your life who cherish you, or trauma processing work. Additionally, here's no amount of talking or healing work that can create nervous system regulation when you're getting 5 hours of sleep a night, nutriently depleted, under or over exercising, and so on. It all plays a role. Join me in this conversations where I talk about various psychological, relational, envirnomental, physiological, and so on factors that contribute to cultivating a regulated nervous system. Hit play to learn more!

3 Takeaways from this episode:

  1. Think about nervous system regulation as an in-the-moment practice to source for calm and connection, while having a more regulated nervous system means that we have more capacity for all parts of life as they come - the happy and hard - without becoming trapped in survival states. In other words without spiraling out into anxiety or shutting down into depression for periods of time.

  2. The goal is to create a more regulated nervous system. This happens by learning how to regulate in the moment by leveraging your body’s physiology or utilizing other tangible tools to help you source for a sense of self, safety, or calm AND by stepping into proactive healing bit by bit. You need both, no amount of in the moment regulating can undo the toll taken by deep unaddressed trauma, toxic situations or relationship, a depletion of micronutrients, and so on

  3. To reflect on where you are in both categories. Do you have in-the-moment tools or practices for when you find yourself in moments of stress, anxiety, or overwhelm? If not, we usually start there with clients, helping them to identify a few lifeline practices to start integrating into their daily life. If you’re feeling stuck in your healing, is there an area of proactive healing mentioned today that you haven’t considered? If so, what support can you get in exploring that?

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