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This is another nerdy dive into better understanding the nervous system by introducing you to the 6 primary nervous system states according to the polyvagal theory. By now you’re likely familiar with the 3 states of: regulation, activation, and shut down – aka green, yellow, red zone. In today's chat we'll review those and I'll introduce you to the 3 "mixed states" of play, stillness, and freeze. Hit play to learn more!

3 Takeaways from this episode:

  1. EDUCATION: You have 6 nervous system states – 3 states of regulation & 3 states of dysregulation. Each state has their own stories, emotions, thoughts & sensations – and you have a unique way theses show up and express themselves for you.

  2. AWARENESS: What state feels the most familiar to you? What’s the most foreign to you?

  3. PRACTICE: Notice moments where you’re in one of the 3 regulated states but feel uncomfortable there. Remind yourself that you’re not uncomfortable because it’s wrong, but instead because its unfamiliar. Try to keep reading that book, sitting in that hammock, being silly, or playing with your kid at the park. Slowly proving to your nervous system that you can be safe in those states too.

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