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Join me for a less polished episode where I pull back the curtain a bit on this whole podcast thing and give you a peak into the juggling act that is my life as a business owner, mom, and podcast host. I also share my desire for you to play an active role in this podcast, here's the two links I mention:

Have a question? Are you struggling with something you'd like feedback on? CLICK HERE

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3 Takeaways from this episode:

  1. Good enough is good enough. Reflect on what part of your life or what tasks are carrying a lot of weight right now – can you get out of your head enough to just let good enough be enough?

  2. I’d love to hear from you, this is my ask for you to be an active part of this podcast. From one human to another, I want to know and support each of you as personally as I can. Send me a DM, ask me a question here, and my ask is that if you’ve gotten something from or are enjoying this podcast if you could please leave me a 5 star rating and review to help get these tools out to even more people who need them. And if you send me a screenshot of that review as a thankyou I’ll send you a link to get a 7 day free trial with access to all the content inside my RISE membership.

  3. Labels matter, your nervous system tool of the week is to swap out the work “anxiety” with “activated” and/or “depression” with “shut down” and see if it makes a difference for you

💗 Thanks for being here


The Good Enough Episode

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