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Today you get another more candid conversation where I share with you some fundamental pieces that need to be in place on your healing journey. You will never be able to talk therapy, vagal tone, or meditate your way to healing anxiety or depression if you're sleeping 5 hours a night, eating crappy food, sitting too much, or hanging out with toxic people. Certain people who benefitted from the unhealed version of you will be frustrated by your efforts to heal, heal anyways. True healing takes a whole human, whole life approach; nothing changes if nothing changes. The sobering reality is that healing feels hard because it is and we often can't do it alone. Join me for an exploratory conversation where I lay out out some uncomfortable things, call you into action, and give you the pep talk your healing might need. I share ways I'd love to support you, as well as the 3 things to start with if you're trying to heal on your own right now. Hit play to hear more!

3 Takeaways from this episode:

  1. If healing feels hard, it is hard. But it’s the most worthwhile hard of your life.

  2. The physiology matters, it matters a lot, you are never going to be able to find regulation by doing a million vagal toning reps or meditating daily if you’re sleeping 5 hours a night, in a toxic work or home environment, or over scheduled. You can not biohack your way to regulation and healing. So for this takeaway just note that it is essential that you approach healing through a physiology, lifestyle and community supported approach. IMO community matters just as much as any other part of it, knowing you’re not alone, coregulation, is so powerful and essential to healing.

  3. You can heal, I’m sure of it, but healing doesn't happen on it’s own or with time — healing happens with intention and often times support and I’m here for you if you need it.

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