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This episode introduces you to the nervous system and provides a framework for understanding anxiety & depression through a nervous system lens. We discuss how your nervous system and brain have learned how to survive through past lived experience, keeping "files" of every situation in your past where your needs weren't met, you felt unsafe, shame, or rejection. Your nervous system is constantly scanning the world around you and checking back with this database of files to determine how to feel and react. When the stress/threat load on your nervous system exceeds the coping tools or resources you have to regulate you get stuck in states of activation (anxiety) or shut down (depression). Hit play to learn more!

3 Takeaways from this episode:

  1. Reframe: Explore how it feels for you to understand anxiety or depression through this nervous system lens. Does it feel hopeful? Are you curious about it? Maybe it still feels a little confusing - that’s ok too!

  2. Get curious about what nervous system state is your current baseline. Periodically, through the day see if you can check in and ask yourself: Where on that ladder to I think I am? Do I feel good? Do I feel anxious and activated? Do I feel shut down or depressed? How do I know this is the state I'm in?

  3. As you feel anxiety or depression show up for you, get curious and ask yourself: "If these symptoms were here for a reason, if they were trying to protect me from something, what might that be?" – asking this question can be a powerful window into some powerful healing work

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