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Hi! Welcome to Regulate & Rewire. I'm your host, Amanda Armstrong & if you are someone who struggles with anxiety or depression, whether this struggle is new to you or decades old. Then this is the show for you.

Regulate and Rewire is an anxiety & depression podcast where I’ll be sharing all the tangible and research supported tools for healing that I wish I would have known earlier in my healing journey.

Maybe you’ve tried talk therapy or medication, and still, you feel like something is missing – I know I did.

You’re tired of endlessly talking about your struggles and crave tangible tools to help you shift out of survival mode. You want to learn not only WHY you’re struggling, but exactly what it looks like to heal – and I assure you, you can heal and you’ve come to the right place to learn how through nervous system regulation, parts work, and lifestyle design.

This show will deconstruct what it is that helps people heal through a trauma-informed & neuroscience, mind-body lens.

This show will not only give you hope & inspiration but real life tools & strategies and you’ll learn the science that validates your struggle. With each episode new pieces of this puzzle will fall into place, you will feel seen, heard, and supported – you will come to realize that you are not broken, that all of your symptoms, all of YOU, make sense through this nervous system lens based on your past lived experiences, your current life circumstances, and the coping skills and resourcing you do or don’t yet have. You can heal, things absolutely get better, and this show is going to help you understand that in very real ways.

And I want to hear from you! I want to know what you’re struggling with? What questions you have? What you want to hear more about. And if you have a friend who you think would benefit from these types of conversations too, from tangible, research supported tools to put them back in the driver seat of their mind, body and life – please let them know about this show.

Each episode will end with 3 tangible takeaways so you can start applying what you learn to your healing journey today.

Be sure to subscribe on apple podcasts and spotify. I’m so happy you’re here and I can’t wait to join you on this journey to regulate your nervous system, rewire your mind, and reclaim your life. from anxiety & depression.



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