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Do you feel like you've been chasing healing for so long and falling short? It might be that one of these pieces is missing. Let's talk about some pitfalls in mainstream mental health support and the role that bloodwork, breath, and belonging might have in your healing. I'll also peel pack the curtain on a new program we're currently developing that'll help bring a true, physiology first approach to healing anxiety & depression. Hit play for more!

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3 tangible take aways:

  1. Order bloodwork:  As I firm up some of the RESET programs process with our nurse practitioner I’ll be happy to share with you an exact script/list of tests to take to your doctor and request - I wish I had that for you now, but if nothing else I just want to put on your radar that blood testing has a huge role to place in healing anxiety & depression.

  2. Pay attention to your HRV on your apple watch or Oura ring - I’m an Oura ring wearer and absolutely love it for a million reasons I’ll share in another episode. But HRV is an accurate measure for overall nervous system health. As you engage in certain changes like breathwork, trying to get more sleep, etc… watch to see how that influence your HRV overtime.

  3. If you feel like you’ve been trying so hard to heal for so long and falling short, it’s likely that the system is falling short not you. I want to offer a heartfelt invitation to join us at the entry point that’s the best fit for you financially or support wise.

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What Blood, Breath, and Belonging Have to do With Healing

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