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Have you ever felt like being a parent is simultaneously the best and hardest thing you'd ever done? In my opinion, it is both of those things. Today's conversation is guided by some incredible and vulnerable parents who submitted questions to my AMA form that I want to provide some support for today. We chat through navigating anxiety & depression, activation and shut down, as parents. I'll offer a simple way to audit your "load" as a means to increasing your capacity (something I'll also expand on in next week's conversation).

Hit play for some tangible ways to move through parenting differently to decrease overstimulation and increase your capacity to show up the way you'd like to!

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3 Takeaways from this episode:

  1. Often what it comes down to is a mismatch between capacity & load – start with cultivating more awareness around your capacity, load, and the beliefs that often fuel parental burnout. Then take time to audit your load and beliefs. How can you dial in the things that cultivate capacity? Better sleep, more nutritious food, quality social interaction, time outside, rest, all of these are biologically imperative for wellbeing. I encourage you to do this work alongside a trauma-informed practitioner.

  2. If you’re feeling overstimulated, how can you manage the environment? Declutter, send the kids outside even if they’re annoyed about it, wear noise canceling headphones, decrease bright lights at night, spend less time running around from one activity to the other, create systems that simplify, and so on. Again, this can look a million different ways - no right or wrong.

  3. If it all still feels like too much, you likely need support. If your load feels too heavy, allow someone else to help you lift it for awhile. I’d love to support you with one of those 90 minute strategy sessions, our 1:1 coaching program or inside my RISE membership – also check the show notes where you’ll find a link to a recent regulated parenting workshop I lead inside my RISE membership and stay tuned for future episodes on regulated parenting & how to navigate mental health and healing in parenthood. 

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