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Your habits matter, your lifestyle matters. Your overall health is the greatest contributor to your mental health. There’s no about of talk therapy or meds that can combat the natural stress load that gets put on your system by chronic sleep deprivation, sedentariness, dysfunctional breathing, too many inflammatory foods and too little nourishing ones.

AND YET... behavior change is hard, especially when struggling with anxiety & depression.

Today and in the next 8 episodes we’ll take a deep dive into talking all about habits that hurt versus habits that heal. This conversations paves the way for the Essential 8 series by helping you understand the neuroscience of behavior change, why it's hard and what can make it easier. Now let's dive in!

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3 take aways from today's conversation:

  1. Your daily habits play a big role in your healing journey. If you’re not living well, you won’t be mentally well. 

  2. When you are stressed it makes sense to default to your most well-worn habits. When you do offer yourself equal parts compassion, accountability, and strategy for how to step back into your habits that heal.

  3. When establishing a new habit start small, laughably small, 1% small. Install a tiny habit by giving it a cure and a purpose, and then once that tiny habit is your new baseline – optimize it overtime.

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Why behavior change matters when healing (even if it’s not that cool to talk about)

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