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If you've been in the healing space for more than 4 seconds you've heard things like, "you need to feel your feeling" or "healing comes through feeling." There's truth in it  AND what does that even mean? What if feeling even a little bit opens the floodgates? What if feelings show up 5 minutes before a meeting?Join me for a realistic conversation around emotional regulation and how you don't always have to feel your feelings right now.

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3 take aways from today's conversation:

  1. Feeling your feelings doesn’t always mean feeling your feelings right now.

  2. Your nervous system lays the groundwork for emotions, but thoughts and behaviors can create emotions too.

  3. You’re not a robot, the goal isn’t to never have hard feelings, it is to learn how to be with and regulate those emotions in a helpful way. 

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You Don't Always Have to Feel Feelings RIGHT NOW

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