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If you’ve been trying to heal your health anxiety & haven’t been able to, it might be because you’re missing one of the 4 evidence-based approaches I discuss in today's episode. My hope is that this 2 part mini series on health anxiety gives you a really clear roadmap as to some possible next steps on your journey to overcoming health anxiety. We'll discuss the brains built in negativity bias and why some people can calmly float through health issues and other cannot before discussing the 4 different approaches. Hit play to learn more!

CLICK HERE to listen to Part 1 of this mini-series

3 Takeaways from this episode:

  1. With health anxiety you have a built in negativity bias that filters for things health related. It projects worry onto normal and natural bodily responses, most often those associated with anxiety or our sympathetic activated state. Gaining education and awareness around your autonomic nervous system and normal physiological body sensations can help to normalize your experience of them.

  2. CBT or thought work, has merit, but often falls short on it’s own if your body is still in an active state of alarm. Co-regulation and nervous system regulation tools help to rewire your reflexive NS patterns out of assuming danger & threat to instead sourcing for safety.

  3. The framework and suggestions I’ve offered you today, these 4 approaches, do nothing to help you overcome your health anxiety if you do nothing with them. This podcast is meant to educate, inform, and invite you into being an active participant in your healing journey. I get to sit in front of this mic and talk a talk to you, but unless you take steps to walk the walk in your healing – nothing changes. Take a moment to reflect on your biggest take away from our conversation today and decide where it might be helpful to focus your attention to next.

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